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Rescope is a technologically advanced service provider, fully specialised in the repair and refurbishment of flexible and rigid endoscopes. This is a particularly specialised field in which – apart from the equipment manufacturers themselves – very few service providers feel truly at home. But we do.

Through our service concept we offer you support in the technical management of endoscopes. Quickly and beneficially. Replacement equipment, either temporary or structural, can be made available to loan in just a single working day. This enables you to maintain both the operational and economic continuity of your care provision. Because that’s what we stand for: helping you to provide your patients with optimal care.


Rescope is your professional partner for the technical management of endoscopes. If you choose Rescope, you are making a choice for affordable quality, speed and a personal approach.

We are proof that the repair and refurbishment of endoscopes is not an exclusive right of their manufacturers. Our technical experts are fully versed in the latest technical knowledge and have the skills needed to carry out repairs to the highest quality standards. We closely follow developments in medical technology and are able to pass them on to you in a practical way.

Rescope is not bound to specific brands or manufacturers and, therefore, maintains an independent position. You can count on objective and honest advice, clear communication and a high level of service.


Rescope works with a specialist team. We apply strict standards to the education, experience and contemporary knowledge of our (technical) staff. Do you have a question for one of them? Get in touch with us right away.

Petra Benink

Managing director

Petra Benink is an all-rounder. She outlines policies and promotes and monitors the Rescope development as a technically advanced service provider. Her more than 19 years of experience in sales has provided her with a quick eye for opportunities for our customers, for Rescope or for herself. Whichever innovation is required of her, Petra will always do anything to make the most of these opportunities.

+31 (0) 24 366 22 42

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Michiel Benink

Technical director

People manager Michiel Benink has had more than 22 years of experience with the reparation of flexible and rigid endoscopes. He is a perfectionist, always in search of the highest quality. He does not shrink from innovative solutions. Michiel’s passion for technology extends to his free time: as a passionate car-lover he likes to take a wrench to his Old Timer.

T +31 (0) 24 366 22 42

U kunt Michiel Benink bellen op +31 (0) 24 366 22 42

Esther Dellink


How best to describe Esther Dellink? Best by her enthusiasm and cheerful character. Not only does she turn work at Rescope into pleasure for herself, but also our customers find it highly agreeable to deal with her. Esther has had many years’ experience in the sales field department. With great dedication she digs her heels into the most difficult projects. And she does not stop until she has achieved the best results.

U kunt Esther Dellink bellen op +31 (0)6 29 38 72 47

Rob Vugts

Operational Manager

Our operational manager, Rob Vugts, always sees the positive side of life. This helps him to carry out his work optimally. His honesty and sincerity mean that he is always ready to lend an ear. In addition to his hobbies – he regularly plays a round of golf and covers untold kilometres on his mountain bike – Rob always makes time for his grandchild. As a true Burgundian, he also enjoys a drink and a bite to eat.

U kunt Rob Vugts bellen op +31 (0)6 42 28 76 90

Grace Sarkam


Grace Sarkam can best be characterised as a charming, warm personality with above-average qualities as an organizer of events and trade fairs, for example. As an office manager, Grace is an important all-rounder within Rescope: incredibly accurate, enthusiastic and on schedule.

U kunt Grace Sarkam bellen op +31 (0) 24 366 22 42

Bob de Pender

Fine mechanical technician

Bob de Pender lives and breathes technology. Bob is a man with an eye for detail. He is therefore perfectly at home as a fine mechanical technician at Rescope. Bob is a great worker who’s always there to lend a hand. He brings an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm to his work and has repaired flexible endoscopes for the past 20 years. He devotes the time that he doesn’t spend at Rescope to one of his other passions: cars.

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Eric Rutten

Fine mechanical technician

Looking for a man with magic hands who can take on anything? We’re not anymore, because Eric Rutten is already part of our team. He’s mad about mechanical equipment, especially motorised. Rescope allows him to work on it to his heart’s content, each and every day. And as if that wasn’t enough, he also repairs and maintains lorries in his free time.

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Roland Lemmers

Cogentix Medical technician

Roland loves inventions. Even though he did not become a full-time inventor, he is able to indulge his passion at Rescope. Roland is responsible for the maintenance of Cogentix Medical endoscopes. Patient, precise and fascinated by technology. And with his love of costume parties and close harmony, you’re guaranteed a cheerful reception from Roland.

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Olav de Vries

Fine mechanical technician

If Olav de Vries is working on something you can be sure that everything goes like clockwork. And you can see that literally in his hobby: watch technology. A perfectionist? Certainly! And a perfectionist who is driven to find out the secrets behind this technology.

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Marleen Deuning

Service Technician

Marleen Deuning is a spirited lady. Ambitious, driven and also sometimes quite critical. Fortunately, she conveys this in her usual positive manner. This makes her a team player who regularly pleasantly surprises us. Something that her friends and those at home say about her. Marleen always wants to have fun.

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Medard Winants

Fine mechanical technician

A fine mechanical technician who also plays an instrument, that’s Medard Winants. This bass guitarist is a real team player and a hard worker. Just as you would expect of a former fireman. He applies his perfectionism to his work and his hobby, model making. As a caring father who always has a cheerful disposition, he also likes to spend as much time as possible with his family.

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Stefan Deuning

Fijnmechanisch instrumentmaker

Stefan Deuning is a team player in heart and soul, who feels completely at home with each and every one of us. He is precise and accurate in his work, and his colleagues enjoy his social and friendly nature. He also has a team at home with his girlfriend and three cats, but also finds time for a game of indoor football.

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Niek Cober

Fine mechanical technician

Niek Cober is the perfect colleague. He has great perseverance, and only rests once he is satisfied with the end result. Only then will he pause for a chat. Sociable and inquisitive, he is interested in others. Feel free to get things off your chest with him, because you won’t find a more trustworthy person.

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Rescope aims to offer the highest quality each and every time in the field of endoscope repairs and refurbishments.

The care market is changing. Rescope helps care institutions to work as efficiently as possible and to the highest quality standards. We save our clients both time and money by refurbishing, maintaining and repairing endoscopes quickly and properly at an affordable cost. Rescope is an independent partner to hospitals and other care institutions, and is able to provide a professional answer to any question concerning endoscope management. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with other professionals.



Rescope is responsible for the technical management of rigid and/or flexible endoscopes for the care institutions listed below, among others. If you would like to learn more about our references, please contact us.